About M3 Construction, Inc.

M3 Construction, Inc. is a company founded on basic principles: Honesty, integrity, ethics, drive, and dedication. The expectation here is to exceed expectations. We don’t strive for Normal…Normal is easy and Average is no better than being equidistant between the best and the worst, so the goal is to over-deliver and allow our customers to realize that no one is more fit for their work than US! Treat their time and money as if it were your own, always act in both of your best interests and above all be HONEST and TRUSTWORTHY!

Michael Steimle

michael-steimleIt’s always been a lifelong goal of mine to build things. Our first project has provided the opportunity to reach that goal by building several things: Build a company, build relationships, build a reputation, and of course actually build the facility!

The building of the company begins with simple elements…most important of all is the foundation which is formed from ideas, passion, goals, determination, and hard work. Next, relationships are added. Ideas, goals and passions are just dreams without action and the tools needed to accomplish them. This is where people come in. The relationship with the customer is most important and I cannot express how fortunate I feel to have worked with some of the very best. To summarize my feelings on this, my comment to them when I was told I had won my first bid was, “If treating me and my company as well as you have was by design, then you are brilliant because it has created respect and loyalty that guarantees you will benefit from the same or better treatment.”

Interestingly, and likely not by coincidence, this has been the very premise on which I have desired to found M3 Construction. I want the Employee Handbook to be a single page with a few lines and compensation/benefits will be the best we can offer. The people who we hire, employees and sub-contractors alike, will all be treated in the same manner as M3 Construction has been treated. This won’t be blind loyalty, trust, or respect …those are earned. Our only expectation is for these to be earned and to be treated with an equal amount of honesty, respect, and loyalty.

If you share this concept, have passion for what you do, have the appropriate experience and desire to build with us, please contact me.